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Dominique Miller

Dominique Miller, LMSW, Associate Director

Credentials: M.Ed., LMSW, BCBA, LBA

Dominique joined Residential Options in 1987 as a Residential Technician. She comes from a family of fourteen children which has given her a unique skill set for connecting with and understanding the diversity in people. She earned a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Fine Arts at Michigan State University while she continued her work as a Behavior Therapist. Dominique obtained another master degree from Grand Valley State University in social work to add to her skill set. As the needs of our learning centers grew, Dominique went back to school and obtained her Master of Education from the University of Cincinnati and her BCBA certification. She currently serves as the Clinical Director of Residential Services for ROI.

buy modafinil cheap uk

  • 1989—Michigan State University
    • B.A., Art Education
  • 1992—Michigan State University
    • M.F.A.
  • 2000—Grand Valley State University
    • M.S.W.
  • 2017—University of Cincinnati
    • M.Ed.