ROI would like to welcome you to the Staff Resources page; we’re so glad you’re here!! This site will go over how to complete your time cards, update your contact information, and ensure your training is up to date.  ***Please note, ABA technicians and therapists should complete all forms below using Central Reach.***


Complete your mileage form by clicking here.

If you have questions about your mileage payment, please call the ROI Office at (517)374-8066 and ask to speak with our Payroll Specialist. 

Status Change:

Have an updated phone number or need to change your address? Please complete the form here.

Leave of Absence (LOA):

Complete your leave of absence requests here.  As a reminder, submission of this form alone does not guarantee approval or payment for time off.  All LOAs must be discussed, and verbally approved, by a direct supervisor in advance of submitting this form. 


Not sure how to complete your documentation? Click here to watch the video tutorial that will guide you through the steps; you can use your phone or computer. 

We’ve also provided an online library below for you to complete your training! Simply click the links below to complete the training you need. 

Please note that depending on how much training is needed, you may take longer than other team members to gain compliance. We value your time and want to be sure you’re aware that none of these systems save your progress as you go, so we encourage you to only start the items you know you can complete in the time you have. Estimated times are located after each item.