ROI is licensed through the State of Michigan Department of Human Services to serve 26 people in our four Adult Foster Care Homes. Under the supervision of a Home Manager, Residential Technicians facilitate personal growth and skill development through activities of daily living, behavioral supports, and community integration. We provide quality residential solutions for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities.

Our Homes

Thomas L. Parkway Home

TLP residents are active men whose busy schedules are built on structure and routine. Staff at this home focus on building relationships with each client individually and translating that to common ground for the men to share positive experiences. The result is an unlikely brotherhood and a truly unique environment build on respect and loyalty.

Dewitt Road Home

Licensed as a senior home, residents in this vibrant group are always on the go! Regular community outings fill each person’s days and a warm, peaceful environment welcomes them home each evening. Social interaction is priority for this family, and staff looks for opportunities that suit individual needs. At home, residents embrace the changes in the seasons—working in their garden in the summer months and creating a holiday display that rivals the North Pole’s.

Kemler Road Home

In this fully-accessible home in a relaxed country atmosphere, a diverse group of men and women have come together to create a family. ROI staff supports the individual interests of each resident, from at-home hobbies to community-based activities. Taking full advantage of their rural location, these residents enjoy the outdoors and regularly visit with the locals…who just happen to be horses!

Green Meadows Home

Located in the heart of the Lansing, residents have ready access to all the activities in and around the city. Residents here look forward to dining together each day; some days they take advantage of their locale and enjoy meals on the town and sometimes residents gather around their own table and share food prepared in their spacious kitchen. Staff prepare meals and help with all other activities of daily living and personal care.

Placements into AFC Homes are made by direct referral from CEI-Community Mental Health only.