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Coronavirus Update: Non-Emergent Services

ROI Families,

After extensive discussion and consideration of all information available to us at this time, ROI has decided to pause all non-emergent face-to-face services until at least April 6, 2020.  This is in accordance with the Governor’s new restrictions for health care providers and the mandated closure of all restaurants and bars as of 3pm today.  This means that all ABA services and in-home CLS services will be postponed until April 6th with the exception of family training visits that can occur via telehealth with your ROI therapist.  If you have interest in receiving family trainings via telehealth during this time, please contact your operations manager immediately.

For CLS in-home clients/families, please contact Jon Fredericks, Michael Kendrick, or Nicky Miller with questions.  We will issue additional guidance regarding how to download an app to your personal devices which will allow you to engage in telehealth services.  This is an unprecedented event and our leadership team has been faced with incredibly difficult choices as a result.  Ultimately, it is our responsibility as an employer and health care providers to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.  We thank you for your understanding and support.

ROI Executive Leadership Team